January 28, 2009

This and That...

hehe...well after he got home from school, he took off his snow hat , and his hair was eVeRyWhErE!?! so i snapped a shot and he wanted to show a mean face..lol so here he is! :)
~ My Best Friend ~
daddy and his babies :) see her new ear muffs? and her new coat!
yup... she's the only one that can do this :D
almost............ :)
bowling.. gavin is quite the bowler now! he does very good and bowls like 3 games at a time..he's serious about his bowling too....
I love her eyes in this picture..she was being silly as always
I let them decorate their own cupcakes, and they was so proud of them :) but wow you should of seen the piles and piles of sprinkles...'around' brooklynns cupcakes! hehe.. but it was sure worth it!
He always stands there and hopes for the best!
Well we got abunch of ICE ....then snow on top of that! Good news is that the sun is out today and is melting it all away! tomorrow there is more snow in the forcast though! yay!!
Other news.. im on a mission...searching for a bed set. Headboard, footboard.... Am hoping I find a great deal SOON!
Brooklynn seems to be over her illness now..am VERY thankful for that!


Sherry said...

Great pics! Looks like they were loving cupcakes and bowling!! What was the blue on her lips from? :D

Sharon said...

I like the music on your page...I have that cd and several others of theirs. They came to our church a few years ago. Cute and pretty pics!