January 26, 2009

kick off your shoes...relax ...

~ We got this beautiful recliner for noah for his b-day and the kids seem to really love it also :) I was able to get a great price on it..after talking to the guys there ..hehe..I was even offered a job there! lol ..and asked if i was an attorney..lol. just said, nope i'm a MOM on a mission! :D It was great!!
well we are getting some very yucky weather as I type now...am hoping school will be called off tomorrow!! *finger-crossed*
NEW THING- i put some music on my page.. tell me whatcha think of it ;)


Sherry said...

Love the pic and the music!! :D It is sooooo cold!!

Ginger said...

First off Of course it's okay to have me on your blog roll I am honored!:) Second I can't hear the music because we have dial up and any music takes forever to load.:( It has been so cold I can't wait for the summer!!lol:)