February 27, 2008


~ Just a picture for the day. We are just loving this beautiful weather God has decided to bless us with...and all week long I believe. :) ~ We are off to the doctor this afternoon for the kids Check-ups. I'm excited to see how much they've grown and all. Until later....

---- Oh I was gonna do the Middle Name Meme:

R- ready for anything...

E- Everybody has been such a blessing to us this past 2 wks.

N- God NEVER forgets about us!!

E - In EVERYTHING give thanks.

E- Eternal Salvation.... :]


Anonymous said...

Hey!! Hope all went well at the docs. Update us on the kids growth! Did ya git my email yesterday? I'm waiting for a reply!! :) Love, Britt

PS. Go to my blog BEFORE Friday!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Cute pic of the kids! I'm glad you are getting some nice weather and feeling better! It was 90 on Saturday and 92 on Sunday...that's just crazy!!:)

Amber said...

yes britt, this is a little late but we did talk about that email! lol

Now Sharon..that is CRAZY... 90 in FEB???? not right! haha

Jessica said...

I love the kids TOES in this pic!!! TOO cute!