February 29, 2008


~ Today is FRIDAY...!!! WOOOHOOO That means it's closer to having the weekend with my husband being at home! :} Thought i'd throw a picture up real fast... Gavin loves to dress up as a cowboy....
~ This is at my aunt's house... Brooklynn just loved this HUGE doll house. And they had a ton of stuff to go along with it....that's all for now.. just not up to writing much. take care!


Anonymous said...

Aww! Makes me think back to the days that I dressed as a cowboy and play with my doll house at the same time!! :) I had my mom's doll house! Love, Britt

Stacie said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I like your blog! I'll be coming back often. I like meeting Christian ppl too!

Your kids are adorable! =)
God bless!

Amber said...

haha that's funny britt, just think you'll have little ones running around and dress'n up before you know it!! *wink*

Stacie, Glad to meet you too! Will talk to you later I'm sure!

Thanks for the comment's girleys!!

Jessica said...

He looks like he thinks he's something else in this pic. Too funny! I bet she DID have a ball with that house!