February 25, 2008

yup...more snow!

~ We had some beautiful snow here Saturday evening. The flakes was HUGE...~ ~ Well one of these weekends it's gonna be the whole family! That little stinker Brooklynn wouldn't take off her coat though, but oh well ! haha ~ Noah is now sick, well was down all day yesterday. But I loaded him up on lots of medicine so he could go to work today :) He's feeling much better today too! Thank the Lord for that.


Britt said...

We had sno on Sunday, but it all meltd when it touched the ground. Cute Mommy and Kiddies pic!

Amber said...

Hey at least you had snow right? hehehe Thanks on the picture and thanks for the faithful comments!! :) luv ya!

Jessica said...

You look SO great in this pic!!! I like your hair like that!!!