January 07, 2008

Some silly pics and another family one!

Well as you can see I couldn't HELP but post this one!?! These are one of the MUST of "motherhood" right? hehe... Just another cute one...which by the way, she's not "into wanting to potty much at all" but i'm not stressing about it at all :) ~ This is a new thing i'd like to do...every Sunday morning before church, take a family picture :) I didn't even notice the dog was there....just watching...!! It's kinda cute though! ---------------------------------------- Today is My hubby's 23rd B-day!! Sooooo Happy Birthday to you honey!! Got alot to do today...clean the house....do like 100 loads of laundry....then gonna cook some chicken gordita's and make this awesome dessert/cake for tonite!! :)


Anonymous said...

Great pics....such a good family pic!! I can't believe Brooklyn is already old enough to do the "potty thing." It is nice though! Happy Birthday to Noah! Hope he had a nice day.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your new family picture!!!! It's my favorite of your family pics!!! Jessie is so darling sitting there!!!!! :D I really like your hair!! It looks great! Love, Britt