January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!! 2008

We went over to some church friends house come New Years Eve, and my kids just played and played...and as you can see they had a good time. Gavin carried this HUGE gun around almost the whole evening, and mind you it's as tall as him! lol These two are just trouble together! haha How she loves her little puppy "jessie" ! ~ My mom got her this cowgirl hat!! Isn't it just too cute?? She got pink cowgirl boots for christmas too. So hopefully I will get them both on her at the same time and a picture if possible! --------------------------------------------------------------- Now, Noah's toothache ....they ended up just pulling his tooth that very same day. A filling had fallen out and he was in much pain! So i was thankful they was able to just take care of it that very day :) I finally have got ALL my christmas decorations/tree taken down now....kinda sad though. My house looks so bare, I didn't realize just how much decorations i had put up! haha That is all for now, hope you all had a good New Years day! :) ~ Amber ~


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a fun new years!! The kids are so cute!! The puppy is adorable too..growing fast!!:)

Anonymous said...

These pics are adorable!!! I know I say that every thme!! But it's always so true!!!! :) I really like the one of Brooklynn in her cowgirl hat!! I had a pink one too!!!!!!!!! A girl after my own heart!!! ;) You guys take care!!!! Love, Britt