January 09, 2008


See....!!! She now has enough hair to put a bow in...but hates them in her hair :( But isn't it cute? ---lol.....!! Gavin and her play dress up all the time and it was just too much seeing them playing around here looking like this! ~ Miss Brooklynn...acting all sweet, so i snapped this shot of her and it turned out very cute I think!! (this is my new coffee tables too) will have to post a pic of the legs,they are so neat) ---------------------------------- Hey girls.... I am needing idea's for a center piece for my table in the front room!?! I have some little handle holders that match my couch on there, but I need something in the middle.....so i was wondering if you could post some of you all's from around the house to give me ideas! :) Now that christmas is over , I have alot of house to "fill" ! I can't wait to see some ideas now!! ~ Take care ~ Amber


Anonymous said...

Well, I am no help on the centerpieces because I don't have a coffee table at either one of our places...my mom used to put a seasonal floral arrangement on hers with candles on each side but good luck keeping the kiddos out of it!:) Cute pics of the kids...again!:) I can't wait to fill my little girls hair with bows!!:)haha

Anonymous said...


Hi! We have a award type plate to my hubby from the US Air Force as my coffee table centerpiece. :) It's setting in the middle of a table runner my great-grandmother made. So, I don't think I'm much help here eiter! Mom had a tea pot collection on her's until my brother moved out and her table went with him!! It was his, she just borrowed it un til he needed it. :) Brooklynn's hat, glasses, and gun are so funny!! That little girl is a little me!!!! I was always playing cowboys and indians (or army) with my bro and his best friends!!! You said something about being ready to change you hair color. Red would be a good change!! :D HaHa!! I like red!! Really I like your hair now! I've never colored mine, but it would be interesting just once!! :) When I was little I always wanted red, curly hair, but mine was blonde and poker staright! When I was about 12 it started curling and then turned red!! Can you believe it?!! I think I'm the only person who wished for years about their hair only to have it turn that way naturlly!!!!! What color are your eyes? I do think red would look good with your skin!! I'm a rare redhead with dark brown (almost black) eyes! It does limit my eyeshadow options though!! :P Well, I sould have just emailed you!!! LOL!! Good night!!

Love ya, Britt

Amber said...

Sharon- Thanks...and I know you'll love having a girl too!..or a boy :)

Britt- You're funny... I loved reading your comment though! haha I have been a red-head before.. but I could go on and on..but hopefully you got my email!!
ttyl girls!