January 11, 2008

Milk & Cookie Time !!

~ Well gavin did alot better of getting the cookies in his mouth then brooklynn did.... but....that little missy for ya!! :) ---------------- * Prayer Request- Pray that Gavin's fever that comes and goes, that it goes away for good. I know it has something to do with his kidney, probably a slight infection, but I already have the med's for him and have been giving them to him. He does better for most of the day but has times where it bothers him. And that the kiddo's dont' get sick!! There is so much junk going around at church that i'm scared to take them!! That's another thing, I just don't get why parents don't stay home with their sick kids, instead of bringing them to church...so they can get everybody else sick!! just crazy...... anyways.... Update on the centerpiece, i have this mirror in the middle with a candle and a holder and a runner under that, and two little green candle thingys on each side.....(will have to take a picture of them and post it) but its just still not what i'm looking for...ya know??

Oh had to take a shot of brooklynn and her "nap positions"!! haha they are different everytime and crack me up. (btw that's our new furnitur that we just LOVE) :)

Until next time...........................


CresceNet said...
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Sharon said...

HaHa-that pick of Brooklyn is funny! Looks like they enjoyed the cookies!:) Your centerpiece sounds nice to me...and I really like the furniture, ours in MO is a brown microsuede and I LOOOVE it!! We'll keep Gavin in our prayers and yes, I know what ya mean about sick kids...and sick people in general. Last Sunday at church all I heard was sneezing, coughing, blowing, etc...I tried not to shake hands!!haha I have a small cold and the only place I went was Wal-Mart and church so had to have gotten it at one or the other!!:) Take care and stay well.