January 15, 2008

Silly Brooklynn

~ Yes still in p.j's :)...but we have that game where the Elephant shoots all these butterflies out of his loooong trunk in the air and these little nets (as you see on Brooklynn's head) you're suppose to catch them in. Well.....she found another use for them! hehe And mind you she was "growling"...being real scary while wearing this. I just thought it might make you laugh for the day! haha ~ And.... my batteries died before the boys came into the room for our "sunday picture" so it's just me and brooklynn and as you see we wasn't ready! haha..b/c she had her fingers....well somewhere she wasn't suppose to have them!! And I got this little, beautiful dress on the $1 day at Goodwill!!! Pretty good deal huh? I got her ALOT of super dressy dresses like this that day. Oh how a momma loves a good bargain right?? :)

Will post more later..got something realllly neat to post and tell all :) ~ Amber ~

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Anonymous said...

cute pics of Brooklyn!:) I LOVE that dress and it is SO adorable. That is so great the you found it for $1....I love finding bargains, although seems like I don't find them too often!:)