August 23, 2007

Thank You...

For your prayers for Noah's eye. It's doing much better and jsut a little sore of course for now. ********************** Gavin is going to have his 3 month Ultrasound done this afternoon, and it's just me this time, usually his daddy comes along ,but he couldn't this time. But I know he'll be just fine! :) ************************** We are almost done moving!!! PRAISE THE LORD... because I sure am ready to be done! And just for Jessica, I'm watching the Health Channel right now and this lady is doing a water birth! *yikes* and I just hope it's alost easier for you then it's for her! haha and i'm SOOO glad I don't have to go through that! LOL Come on little macie be nice to your momma! haha ok.....later girleys!

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