August 28, 2007

I am alive..but BARELY....

Just was looking through my pictures on here, but I don't have any recent ones i don't think and I don't think you've seen these before..but sorry if you have! :) I love this HUGE smile Gavin has. He had his 3 mo. ultrasound last week and we're just kinda waiting to see if he needs to see a kidney doctor, but I personally think things are just the same with his kidneys/bladder. They are stayin down and haven't enlarged any. so that is a GOOD thing!! And Miss Brooklynn.... Isn't she getting so big? and she THINKS she big and mean stuff. Get's very interesting around here at times with her..alot of the time I should say! haha *** I sat down to take a break, one that I needed very much! It is getting hot and humod out there again! And yea for little Macie's arrival!! I can't wait to see pictures of her. And i'm so glad to hear she looks like her momma! Jessica feels my pain when it comes to the kids look'n like their dad! lol ~ Take care~ ))) Amber (((


Sally Johnson said...

Hi Amber,
Thanks for coming over and saying hello after how many years...?! Wow, how things change so quickly!! I think the last time I saw you, you were pregnant with your first baby...? Are you still in that midwest city where I met you? :o) (Gotta keep secrets in a public forum!)
God bless your family,

Anonymous said...

Amber, you must have my brain trouble -- you didn't leave me your email address... here's mine: johnson dot junk at yahoo dot com. This is our junk email address. Will give you the real one when I hear from you.