August 20, 2007

**Prayer Request**

Yesterday, Noah thought he stratched his eye, and it bothered him off and on last nite, as long as he kept it closed it didn't of course. So this morning he couldn't really even work b/c it was bothering him badly. I got him in this morning and he has 6 different stratches on it.(think it happened when gavin and him was wresting'n yesterday) SO he now has a patch on his eye and they gave him some drugs to knock him out for the rest of the day...and drops for awhile, but just pray it heals quickly and no problems's arise with it. We have SOOO much to do this week for sure. We did get alot done this past saturday!! That is all for now! thank ya's! :)

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Rachel said...

I'm sorry that had to happen. I bet it really stressed you out with this move. I'll be praying for you and Noah. Keep your chin up..