August 16, 2007

* Miss Brooklynn Emily *

-------- First of this picture just not make you smile??? she has been doing this lately when I say "Smile for me sissy!" But she has 4 teeth now and the other two on top have now popped through just can't see them that well as of now.
But I took her to the doctor today, i knew she wasn't feeling well, turned out she has a slight ear infection in her right ear. Think i caught it right when it started, so that is good. I just hope she get's to feeling better b/c this next week, or two is gonna have us ALL WORE OUT!
gotta run, my lunch is done!


Anonymous said...

Awww poor little Brooklynn. I hope she feels better soon. My Brooke was really prone to ear's very good to not let them get to bad or worse things can happen later...good job!
Talk to ya later

Rachel said...

I LOVe LOVE loVE this template...cute and different

Amber said...

thank ya! I love love it too, but go to looking and to the right,some of the words are in french i think..i don't even know! LOL oh well... it's cute anyways!

Jessica said...

Hey girley! I really like your background too! You can get rid of the other language stuff. I can tell ya how to do it I'm pretty sure or I wouldn't mind doing it for you, I'd have to have you email me your password though. That's how I help Rachel on hers sometimes. Just let me know. VERY cute background, VERY cute pics of the kids. Will be praying for Noah's eye. Is he getting better???