August 08, 2007

~ Our New House ~

~ So here is our new house. Isn't it just pretty? I am loving ,well gonna, the attached garage. After living at an apt. for for 2 1/2 yrs with hoping you get your "assigned" parking spot, i just can't wait! hehe It's a 3 bd 2 bath with dining room, fireplace, full size basement, not done all the way but has cement floors and just needs some plyboard (i know that's not how you spell that so don't laugh) up b/c it already has the main boards up for another room down there and another bathroom also and another separate room for the laundry room and such. the rest is ALLLLLLL SPACE GIRLS! I'm so putting all their toys downstairs! LOL we are gonna just set up a little family room down there too. The backyard is all privacy fenced and is just wonderful for the kids. Also has a wonderful sprinkler system already there and the kids are in love with that also. Hey, works for me! heheh So i'm SUPER SUPER excited and so just thankful God has opened the door for us to even get this home. We are just renting it, and are trying to talk them into buying it but we'd have to have a large down payment due to the price of the home. It's $150,000 ! So... there ya have it! Hope things slow down for everybody soon! ~ Amber ~

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Rachel said...

This is a really GREAT house! I absolutely LOVED, LOVED, LOVED house hunting. It can be stressful, but I love looking at all the possibilities!! This house sounds great. Show us pics of the inside when you move....I'll be looking forward to it.