August 08, 2007

Almost forgot !!

--------Almost forgot a ver important thing to tell you all! !! I took Brooklynn in for some tests to be done on her last wednesday, but due to some girl problems we couldn't go on with the test, but did have an ultrasound done on her kidneys and bladder. They called back with SOME GREAT news!! They said she only had reflex grade of 1 on her left kidney and NONE on her right kindey!!! 1 is what most kids have and never know it, b/c it just doens't really bother the kids, and like gavin's has always been a grade 5 the worse, until the last 6 months. So that is great news for her and us!! Speaking of Gavin, he goes in on monday for his 3 month ultrasound. So am hoping everything is still going great with his kidneys/bladder also. done for awhile now :)

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