August 08, 2007

Something crazy and kinda funny...

LOL...funny huh? My (now) sister-in-law, Glenda showed me this interesting site and wow, I'll warn ya, once you start you won't be able to stop! haha So you take 2 seperate pictures of two ppl that you want to "mix together" and see what they'd look like. She was doing it with her and my brother's baby pictures to maybe get a idea of what their kids might look like. Very cute by the way! So here is a picture of Gavin and Brooklynn. I can so see both of them very much in this too.
Other news.... WE GET TO START MOVING NEXT SATURDAY!!!!! I'm soooo excited too!?!?maybe I'll post a picture of it :) It has been so hot and humid here and is suppose to stay at 100 degrees the rest of this week. no fun for noah, he works in a warehouse with NO WINDOWS and no air coming or going. So it takes alot out of him.
Ok then...thought you all might enjoy this post and might even wanna try it yourself !
Until later.................. Amber

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