August 14, 2007

just some summertime pictures....

My sweetie pies! Aren't they getting so big? Check out those Chunkers! hehe I thought this was just cute... awwww...just gavin & I............ This was the funniest thing ever!! Brooklynn kept just chasing these ducks. I mean she had them all under a tree at one point! LOL She is really fasinated w/ them right now and "quacks" often like a duck. cute huh? ok.... would love to hear from you all! :)


Rachel said...

It almost looks like she is wearing high heels in this last picture....LOL!
How did you do the red tongue?
I love the drooling picture. I like watching my kids sleep.
How is the packing coming along?
post pics of the inside of this awesome house....When do you get the keys?

Jessica said...

Very cute pics! Yes they are getting big! It's crazy isn't it how they grow up so fast?! My favorite is the first picture of the two of them together. VERY sweet! Glad you guys are doing good! Yeah, (agree with Rachel) want to know when you get the keys and want to see pics inside of your new home!

Amber said...

hey girls!
Rach- We bought brooklynn some "walking shoes" to see if it helps with her being alittle off balanced some what. All they had,well in the baby dept wlaking by, was these (kinda like high-tops) but they are too cute. She is doing alittle better walking, but we'll just hav to watch her. And i'm glad you finally got to see the Inside pics of our new house too!
Jessica-HAVE THAT BABY GIRL! lol Time does fly by, and All i hear now is how gavin wants to be big and a grown up like his daddy! I love to get pictures of them together. I'll have to catch you on and share the pics with you (house) we get to start moving in this saturday! wooohoo!
take care! Love, Amber