July 16, 2007

Some cute pictures

So i'm sure everyone one of you has a picture like this huh? It's a classic too She has been smiling like this when she get's her picture taken now.... I went to walmart and got her pictures taken and they should be in the 25th I'm excited about those too! lol... now this is just funny ... my sister got this lil kitten and it likes to play around on and with you and miss brooklynn isn't too sure about "princess" so i snapped this picture isn't it funny? Her show'n me her moves I guess.. So Brooklynn was really quiet one day and i went to check on here she had got the footstool and was standing next to the dishwasher trying to reach something on the cabinet...So I got gavin and showed him and he wanted to take a picture too! So I did of course and a cute one it turned out to be ! hehe . . . . .. . . . . . . . Well i think the rain has stopped here for a couple of days, and I've got so much things to do today , here in the house anyways! Gavin is still sleeping, thankgoodness, he needs it so badly! Have a good Monday girls!


Amanda said...

Those are some cute pictures! I bet you are one proud mama! hahaha

I especially like the one where they are in the cabinet! How cute is that??

Have a good day tomorrow!


Amber said...

I am a proud momma! aren't we all though? I bet you're more then ready to get that pool up and running!