July 19, 2007

A family picture. . .

Now, you all are probably wondering just what is going on in this picture huh? haha they was saying "oh the old married couple with the young married couple " so I grabbed his Hand and said "We aren't old...and we're still in love! " lol I kinda miss my long hair.. but LOVE LOVE my new short hair, so much easier and faster to to and take care of! LOVE IT! :) So here's the family one... Brooklynn was out as you can see it and Little Gavin, his tie ws all crazy! lol But I'm glad that we got one! And we all look so nice in it, if I might say myself! hehe Where is everybody? Haven't seen many bloggers on here much!!

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Rachel said...

It's after 11p.m. and we just got in so I'm burnt out....I may take a break from blogging the rest of the week and then start fresh next week. I still read you blog, even when I may not comment on every one!
Great pics and very funny. man, doesn't time fly with our kids and marriages! Jay and I will celebrate our 8th on our next Anniversary....wow, time flies when your having fun!