July 10, 2007

....Summer Pictures...

Her beautiful dress and hat that match and they was both given to me by two different people! I dug out a whole bunch of dresses this past weekend and was so happy about her have more for church. She is in 18-24mo. mostly.. hehe.. She's also trying to get her other two bottom teeth in and she's also so fussy, not eat'n much, runny diapers, throwing up..the usual ! She has went potty in her potty chair twice now !! Doesn't Gavin look like such a big, handsome brother? Although she's not much shorter then him! LOL Brooklynn Emily and her momma...Before we went to church Sunday night. Remember, she likes to carry a baby doll :) Gavin and his daddy of course... Needed to update a pic of them two and really would love to have a new camera! haha :) Did the slide show i posted on here working for you all to view ok? -------------------------- Just doing laundry today, picking up the house....my daughter brought me a half bag of potatoes! she's always bringing me food out of the cabinets! It's so funny!! She has to go in Aug. sometime to have a scan done to make sure everything is ok with her kidney's and bladder. Gavin also goes for his 3 mo. ultrasound in Aug. come to think of it. -------------------------- God is blessing us so much, and taking care of us ! We have a Mom's Mental Maintence (like ladies retreat) in 3 wks. Am so excited about VBS in 2 wks too!! Gavin's been talking about it alot too... :) I've been practicing w/ the teenagers in their "teen choir" it's gonna be alot of fun.. Welp, i really need to go to the Grocery store , but am not wanting too.. hehe...it's HOT out there! Ok............take care! ~ Amber ~

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Rachel said...

I love the dress. It reminds me of the type of dresses I used to put Jess and Brooke in.
Gavin looks cute .
I still love your hair cut. It suites your face.
Tell us how the test go?!
The slide show worked for me...I favor the cheeto pic...LOL!