March 16, 2007

Summer's comin'

Well........... ya'll getting tired of pictures yet? haha Today Gavin and I baked some yummy little sugar cookie, and he wanted to sprinkle some more sugar on top, so they are super yummy! -ha- And then he painted this little puppy that is just too cute... and now he's taking a nap!In this picture Brooklynn is wearing this little summer top from Old Navy that is red,white and blue from her Grandma, that is just too cute! And miss brooklynn just woke up from a nap, so you know what that means, I actually got to lay down and rest for alittle while today!! but then the phone rang 3 different times.. don't you just hate that? )))sigh((( but I did get alittle rest anyhow.
----Get to watch that March Madness tonight *woohoo* ( i can't stand b-ball) last nite I went over to my aunt's and went shopping w/ her... which we got Miss brooklynn there Darling little flip-flops!! I can't wait to take a picture of them on her. *giggle* Along w/ a little purple summer dress, and some onesies(12 mo.) b/c she had outgrown all of her's. She just seems so long! And we got gavin these outfit that has little flip-flops also, he's been wanting some for the last couple of years but it's so hard to find them that small, so he was excited about that....
---And as for me... just been taking a easy today, although I did bleach my bathroom and tub! I love to walk into a clean bathroom.. -ha- am i crazy or what? LoL And I am out of my diet pop, which have any of you ever tried that Diet Pepsi Jazz? they now have a new flavor "caramel" but my favorite of all times is "Black Cherry and French Vanilla" and I am so needin some of that right now girls! haha Well I thought i'd post something while I actually had a chance too.


Rachel said...

var bold_tt, var italic_tt,Hi, I like it when you tell us what you do in a sounds like you had fun shopping! I love shopping , especially if I have money to spend ;-)
I really wanting to shop soon, but I'm saving up for Jason B-day gift. He's wanting a few things related to music and it's a little expensive. He doesn't expect me to get much, but I would like it if I could get all he has wanted....we'll see!!

Rachel said...

skip the beginning of that message I'm trying something but I don't have it down pat

Amber said...

haha... Okay...was wondering about the first line you wrote on here. I was thinking, Rach, must of had a really hard day! haha
Sounds awesome. I wlike to be able to get what my hubby really wants also, b/c otherwise it's kinda hard to buy them something!