March 17, 2007

A Prayer For Gavin...

Hello to all..... I wanted to post a real quick note about Gavin. He's been complaining of his side's hurting last nite and today (where his kidney's are) and ran a fever of 102.7 most of the morning and slept most of the afternoon. The medicine he can take is horrible tasting , and I've tried several different ways to "trick" him into taking it.. mixing it in things..... in sugar.... (that is how I got him to take it today, but not the full dose. )))sigh((( it's just alot for me, and it's very important that he doesn't get to many bladder infections. Believe me, Noah and I've tried holding him down, but wow... was that a trip! haha..... so if you all know any tricks ...PLEASE TELL ME! Am going to bed now, have had a rough afternoon,and my head is pounding!
~ Good nite ~ > Amber <


Anonymous said...

Aw man, it sounds horrible! Why can't he take the good stuff? Well, if he can't all Walgreens offer a "flavoring" thats mixed with any meds to make it more tasty! Other than that you could just give it with a whole glass of orange juice and see what happens?? I hope this help some. I sympathise with you on the sick times. I hope you get some rest and I'm sorry that I didn't catch ya sooner or I would have responded faster. I hope all goes better sooner! Love ya and try to get some "mommy time"

Anonymous said...

That is waht I was gonna check into tomorrow.. have to call his doc and get that all approved though. ))sigh(( Thanks girl!
Luv ya!

- He did just fine last nite and today all day!- Amber

Rachel said...

Thank goodness! Let me know what happens