March 15, 2007

Sweet little faces . . .

Here are some pictures of my "sweet little baby doll faces!" Gavin is still very much a "daddy's Boy" While Little Miss Brooklynn is a "Mommy's Girl" and I just love that she is!!!
There is alot going on for us right now, and just hope things work out for the best! I know that God is in control and we have peace in our hearts when we know it's the right thing!
Today I've got this horrible kink in my neck and it hurts so bad. I've got my massager out and have been using that today, but man, I'm so tired after I sit there for like 5 mintues using it! -lol- It's probably from doing all 500 loads of laundry yesterday! :( Okay, it wasn't that much, but it sure did feel like it. I hate putting it up is my thing.....))))sigh((((
welp, I've gotta read some books to little gavin that is waiting for me to get done writing this! So enjoy your day today! ~ Amber ~


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun...what are you reading ..."who quacked? the duck quacked". Man, I know that one by heart. ;-0
How the move coming? You still haven't described that townhouse??? I'm very excited for you guys. Jay and I almost got to tour one yesterday. It looked really cool!
Well , I'm babysitting 3 little ones so I'd better let you go.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

lol.... had to go back and read my OWN blog to get that one! wow, it's been a day... (about the books)
I'll have to explain that alittle more to ya, but I'm really excited about it!
You and the babysitting girl...! hehe...
love ya Amber

Jessica said...

Cute pics! I love how you told us about your day and the day before, laundry and all, in this post! I like to hear the everyday things. lol! Yes they are adorable!!!

Rachel said...

Hey, congrats.I see you got the falling things working!!!! YEAH!
Sometimes it's hard messing with those things. I keep mine up for special occations, but I'm always on the lookout for fun things! I just don't normally know where to find them

Amber said...

hey jessica- yes I thought i'd share alittle of what I had done on that day... haha...

Rach- YEA for me too! I got it.