November 15, 2006

I don't know why this double posted...but now you get to see double of my cutie pie girl!! :) Her daddy is holding her, and she is just waiting for me to pick her up and hold her!!


Rachel said...

Is that a smile I see?
It sure looks like she wanted you!
Hey, by the way it was cool getting to talk to you....I think we have a lot in common!
I'll be praying about the post-partem thing....I had it and it is unpredictable and nasty! You WILL come out of it! Even when is seems like you've permanently become MR. HYDE!!! ROFL. I know Jay thought I would probably never become normal,..what's normal?????

Amber said...

I think she really wanted to smile too...but knew I WANTED her to!! That turkey!

It was really neat getting to finally talk to you, and I agree, alot in common here!!haha And for sure...what's normal...?? lol Sure enjoyed the talk though, and guess what? I'll have to shoot ya an
e-mail and tell you another story too... ttyl!!

Terry said...

Have you been holdong out on us Amber?
It appears that you have twins!!...Love Terry

Let me know if I can put those babies into a sunset or Canadian autumn scene.