November 10, 2006

. . . In Love . . .

This is Me and my wonderful Hubby, Noah ! I just love this picture! (thanks to my lil sis for taking it!) I went to walmart , actually me and my sister did, and I made copies of this one and put the border of conversation hearts (like the valentine's candy hearts) and it looks so sweet!
I JUST LOVE IT! God has blessed our marriage so much and given us two beautiful kids!


Terry said...

I love it too Amber!!

You look just like a teenage couple!
I like the way that Noah is wearing his hat.
He looks so carefree...Love Terry

Better keep an eye on that "Prince"!
Next thing you know that cat will be grabbing Noah's hat and hiding it somewhere!..

Amber said...

LOL...well you know Terry, I got asked a couple weeks after I had Miss Brooklynn, if I was 18 !!! I was so pleased but do wish sometimes I looked alittle older...but oh well!
Noah did that with his hat RIGHT before my lil sis took the pic! But that's my hubby for you! I do love this pic the most!!! :)