November 15, 2006

This is Gavin playing with Andrew and Glenda's kitty-cat, "Prince".... It's a interesting little kitty.... I was wearing my hair down that day and the cat would sit behind me and everytime I would move my head, my hair would glide across my back he'd try to grab it.....and hello..........OUCH!! Then I put it up in a pony tail, and STILL he would try to grab it! Brooklynn loved to just watch the cat jump around and he (cat) didn't know what to think about Gavin running around...he's not around young kids at all very much. WE had a good time, watching movies and talking!


Rachel said...

Is that excercise equipment I see?

Amber said...

LOL.... nope rach, but looks like it huh? same thing I asked Glenda when I saw it. It's a computer chair and the lower part is where you put your knees, she calms she really likes it and i'ts comfy!!

Rachel said...

Does it help your back?...jay and I have back troubles! Where can you get them?

Terry said...

Dear Amber...Finally getting some time to post.
This computer has sure been acting up!
If you haven't downloaded Windows Explorer 7, don't do it.
I did and boy has it ever slowed ths computer up and given me all kinds of problems with my emails, and actually stole my musicmatch program!
Our interent provider told us that there are a lot of people having trouble with it and suggested we download fire fox, so that is what we did!

Now about that silly cat, what kind of shampoo did you use?
Maybe he liked the smell of it.. Ha!!
We had a crazy cat like that once by the name of "Sir Galahad". He was MY baby..pure black and fluffy as they come but a real snob when it came to visitors coming in..real snooty like.
Well one day one of my friends came for a wee visit and that cat just jumped on to the back of her chair and started playing with HER hair.
"Janice, I said, that cat never takes to anyone!
Here he is loving you right up!"
"Well she said, it just COULD be that he likes the smell of the meat loaf I put together before I came over here!"
Ha!! Not that I am saying that YOUR hair smells like meat loaf Amber but you just never know!!

Those children of your are such dolls!
Would you mind if I made a couple of collage pictures of them?

Don't tell nobody Amber but Ty really didn't fly over to Canada...
That Jessica just won't give him a chance!!
She and her camera NEVER let him out of their sight!!
And by the looks of it you are the same with YOUR babies!

Well catch you later..
I have to go and say howdy how to Rachel and Amanda and that Jessica!!...Love Terry

I just thougtht of Sir Galahad.
One time I almost disowned him.
One of the older ladies from the church was over visiting and like I said that cat not wanting to see her had hidden under one of the front room sofas.
Half way through the visit didn't that varmit run from underneath the chair and streak off to the dining room with one giant dust bunny on his furry black dust feather of a tail?!!
VERY embarrassing to say the least Amber!
Gramma Yade pretended not to see but I KNEW!!!

Give that "Prince" a hug for me and if he gets TOO bad just send him right on over!!

Amber said...

Hey terry!
So nice to hear from you!! I do know what you mean about being SO busy and it's not gonna get any better w/ all the holidays coming up!! BUT I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!! Well I don't think my hair smelt like anything...but my shampoo but it sure was funny...the first couple of times, but scared to death that's for sure! haha.... Gavin and I would LOVE to have a kitty cat, but not right now....
Hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving! Love Amber, gavin & miss brooklynn