October 06, 2006

Is this not just the funniest picture?? She loves to chew on this ring, but she doesn't want to hold it all the time, so this is what she has figured out ...lol.... it cracked me :) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

That pic is pretty histerical! You're cute little puppy dog. She's a cutie batootie!

Amber said...

I thought it was cute, but something miss Brooklynn would do!!

Anonymous said...

boy that reminds me of dusty last week. I walked in the living room to find my hospital mug tipped over and Dusty had crawled up to it and was sucking (as best he could) on the straw! What a goober!

I bet Brooklynn and Dusty would make quite the pair!
Did you know that I nickname my daughter (Brooke)- Brooklynn!