October 05, 2006

Just A little Note...

Well.... I thought I needed to post something besides, my beautiful family...oh I mean my family! hehe After reading Rach's blog about her date, I think it's about that time for Noah and I. I try very much to keep the romance alive and out to dates often for us. I believe that is very important for a couple. But my husband is very thoughtful and romantic also...)))sigh((( Something to be thankful for! Anywho... WE are going to a wedding this weekend, so that will be interesting b/c we have both kids. But it's Clay's wedding (jessica will know) so WE HAVE to go!! hehe Got to get out in a bit and get a present for them...All of our allergies are bothering us , and oh how that's not so much fun. We had somebody come and look at the computer last nite and he deleted everything, but I had Noah burn all of my pic's off before he did it , so now I have to re-load all of my pictures before I can post any! oh well at least I have them..Hey Amanda... did you find a picture frame for that pic of gavin/ducks? I have one that matches sooo good here that I used and it's sitting by the fire place now! IT's beautiful! Well I need to get-a-goin now! Have a great day ladies! Love to all........ Amber

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