October 06, 2006

And this picture too...I guess she was wanting to help mommy with alittle house work....*giggle* both of my kids keep me laughing! I thought this was too cute also . . . Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

You have the cutest children. My name is Donna and I go to church with Jessica's mom Sue. I've known Jessica forever. My little ones are 23 and almost 19. Justin is our son is 23 and is away in mortuary school and our daughter Brittany is still at home seeking God's will as what to do next. She graduated from homeschooling last year. I retired!!! Cherish these moments. The cowboy smile is too cute. We put him on the desktop here. He's just adorable. Justin went to get his picture made one time at a nearby town mall and he had his guns and holster on until we made it to the mall and then had me put them in my purse and I had to carry his hat. He was afraid the "pweese" would get him. :-) We have one of Britt with her shoes on the wrong feet. I quickly placed them back on her feet after she kicked them off before going in to get the pictures made and had them on wrong. Noticed it after we got the pictures back. :-)
We enjoy reading about their antics. I miss those days.
Take care.

Amber said...

Well it's nice to meet you donna! Do you have a blog? Thank you! I do cherish my babies, and they hold a very special place in my heart..along w/ my husband! hehe My kids had some medical problems, but you'd never know just by looking at them. I know Sue from camp, and Jessica and I are good friends. There was 5 of us in our family and we was homeschooled also. I'm so glad that's done with!! I love to take pictures of my babies, and they love to have them taken. They do grow so fast!! Well that's enough for now, but I'm glad that you enjoyed my blog.
Have a great day! Amber

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna and Amber! This is a funny pic. She'll regret offering to do that later (sweeping)! haha. Jessica