October 31, 2006


This is Noah and his only brother, Nathan. I thought it was a great picture for just having them turn around and take the time out WHILE they was watching the chiefs playing football... my hubby is a BIG fan of them.. and not to mention they WON sunday ON gavin's b-day ! WOOHOO!! :) But sure couldn't tell they are brother's huh?? haha


Terry said...

Dear Amber...I am glad that you vouched for me in regard to the carrots.
It DID sound like a far fetched story, eh?
I can remember about that baby though.
It was SO funny!!
The mother was kind of embarrassed..

I have been slowly geting caught up with my writing to you guys.

You all prayed for my sister so good that she is back to work.
Usually I would be working on Tuesday night but I wanted to stay home tonight and give out treats to the kids.
Betty is at work.

Well take care Amber and you know these two definitely do NOT look like brothers.
You are right...Love Terry

Rachel said...

What is the age difference?

Amber said...

Hey Terry.. GOod to hear from you! Glad things are going better for you and betty. ( i have a great grandma Betty) hehe.. funny.

Rach- Nathan is going to be 15 (on our anniversry, December 14th and Noah's going to be 23 in January. Nathan is just really tall, all of them are.....

Rachel said...

OK OK where are you.....everyone posted today but you!!! wuz up?
LIKE I told 'manda ....we don't do anything but sit around , eat chocolate, and watch tv all day! We have plenty of time to do this !?um, is that a busy signal I hear? LB,.....Lb?

Amber said...

oh girl...I've got on here about 10 differnt times today, TRYIN TO POST....BUT THIS STUPID THING WON'T LET ME UNTIL NOW!!!! (not a happy camper,that's for sure!) But i'm getting around to it now! :)
over and out..lb *giggle*

p.s. you need to wake up and STOp dreaming about that kind of life...(sitting around ,eating chocolate, t.v. ect.....) lol :) if only huh...

Jessica said...

OH MY WORD!!! What happened to that little doll Nathan who told me I was gorgeous! haha...He would die over that now! That's sooo funny! He was such a sweetheart little boy! I CANNOT BELIEVE that THAT is Nathan! *gulp* I'm feeling old!