November 03, 2006

Funny girl..

Brooklynn loves to turn herself sideways in this little play thingy...but she get's so mad when she does it. And where is everybody??? not too many comments on here girls!! hmmmm...?


Rachel said...

I'm here...I'm here...Don't get worried! Just thought I'd keep you waiting for awhile seeing how you waited sooo long to post ( 3 days wasn't it?)? LOL
Brookelynn looks so cute, I love it when they do such goober things!

I read on 'manda's Blog that Noah colors your hair,! He's the only other man I met that does that...or maybe I should say that your the only other woman I met that is THAT brave!? ROFL!
When are you going to post some more ideas on SSS!?

Amanda said...

Hey, I happen to know that Mike colors Lisa's hair for her too... ya'll are not alone!!



Jessica said...

Shew..girls! I don't think I'd let myself touch my hair let alone Ryan when it comes to highlighting. I've never colored my hair, but being dark, dark can't do a whole lot! So when it comes to highlights, I let the professionals take care of me! haha I'm here too girley! I'm been checking regularly, just not much time to stop and chat yet! I'm trying to get caught up tonight!!!

Amber said...

Well I know that mu hubby soesn't have the patience to sit and high-lite my hair, so that's why he doesn't do mine. But coloring.. he's a pro at! I LOVE doing new things w/ my hair, not afraid to at all. I really liked my hair when they higlited it w/ a bit of red- blonde too..! need some soon though..last time was when I was 7 mo. preggers!!