October 31, 2006

Update...On life !

Well... Thought I needed to write something now that I posted a ton of pictures!
This is Gavin's flowers and scarecrow. He checks on his flower's to see if they have "grown up" yet. And he loves to water them, I mean really give them some water! lol It's alot of fun. Gavin had a great birthday party and alot of his family came. Noahs mom and family also got to come and then after the party, his family and my mom and family and us all went out to Pizza Hut and had a great time.....
And our other little blogger , Miss Brooklynn is rolling over all the time now, getting really fast at it now, but doesn't really care to be on her tummy, so I'm ALWAYS rolling the girl back over on her back...silly little girl... and guess what I caught her doing a COUPLE of times the other day.... you ready?? " GETTING UP ON HER KNEES WHILE ON HER TUMMY!!!!!!!!" I couldn't believe it and she even did it in front of my mom, so I'm not just seeing things! haha.. But she got them knees under her, so who know's just how long it's gonna be...or short I should say huh?? She's going through to much formula but am having alot of problems with her taking cereal. I've tried it in formula and water.. and just even a little bit in her formula she has a fit and won't drink it. So my mom found some baby food cereal with banana's and oatmeal in it so I put that in her cereal bottle and she loves it and she's doing really well with that! I have her drink about 6 oz. of water a day to help everything flow through her little system. But she's still sleeping through the nite for the most part, which I'm so thankful for....Still no teeth, but man they've gotta be coming!! lol... WEll I hear her now...she must be done with her beauty sleep for now :) Have a great day! ~ Amber ~

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