February 04, 2009

very quick post..

you should ask her about her new snow hat..she wears it ALLLL DAYYY LONGG! yes she even slept with it on her pillow a couple of nites :D (childrens place: $2.50)
~ MY little guy , Gavin... I love how this photo turned out! They had a good time decorating for Valentines day~
~ We was able to spend the weekend at noah's mom's house this past week, had a good time as always :) Was able to take a family shot really fast before walking out the door to church... my kids are growing up... *sniffle* They are sweethearts though..
--------Update, the funeral is tomorrow at 10am-------


Sherry said...

LoL! Love the hat!

Great pic of Gavin. I love the way it is a shadow look. (I guess is how you would call it?)

Anonymous said...

Super cute hat-I saw it at children's place but I got Lindsay a light pink barret type hat for $1.99!:) All your pics are so cute as always! Hope you are doing well.