February 11, 2009

Spring like weather...

~ I just adore this picture of Gavin, he looks so grown up! He's doing so good in school and is just eating everything up that he's learning there!
---This little girl's smile melt your heart? It sure does mine :] As I was cleaning the basement the other night, I hear her and jessie coming down the stairs and she's counting each step as she goes....1...2...3....4...5... I was so impressed, i've never heard her count past 4 yet...so i stopped and listened....6....7...8...9...10!! YES that little girl counted to 10!! She was up most of the night last nite, running a fever off and on...but today shes seems fine, we shall see.. i'm headed to bed shortly. i'm very VERY tired!!
*-* Remember this little girl?? My niece KAYTEE JO! She's 6 months old now..amazing huh? Pretty little girls if you ask me :)
~ My husband and son got to enjoy this past saturday, such summer like weather.. it was BEAUTIFUL! 75 degrees i believe made it here that day...they headed to the pond and came home with these two fish....wanna guess who caught it first? and who's is the bigger one?? YUP... Gavin is the answer on both of those!! They had a great time!
Hard to believe he'll be 6 years old this year...in a few short months Brooklynn will be 3 yrs old...WOW.... times flies...!
We found a great deal on a matress and should be getting it any day now! They even threw in a headboard that i wanted for alot less too!! PRAise the Lord :)
Pray for me.. i'm struggling with some family issues going on and Im just praying I'll have strength and be a good example to them! Sometimes ppl just don't realize how they are hurting ppl....

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Sherry said...

Praying for your family!

Wasn't the spring weather great?! :D