November 08, 2008

this time last year...

she had hives this day...first time in her life...but they was gone shortly after that...look how little jesse was?? :]
this is gavin last year on his 4th b-day.....i was just going through some old photos and thought....WOW how the kids have changed so much!!
Today i was able to go on a short trip for a ladies banquet!! It was awesome and I was VERY much needed for me... i'm so glad that we have such a godly christian pastors wife, and she makes sure that we are able to go to several throughout the year and we take ladies's just ablast!!
GIVING IT TO GOD"...... and being thankful.It weird how God knows just what we NEED at the right timing...and just learning to lean on God 100% and doing it all for God...something that every one of us ladies need to hear!! Especially the SAHM's!! :)
Also ...talking to each other when you have issues with one another, being thankful for you church family..we sure are blessed that's for sure!! Just letting how one another feel and not making hard feelings toward one another and then just deciding not to talk to a person!! Just being ladie like and mature about things....
anyways it was such a blessing to me!
have a GREAT day in the Lords house tomorrow!!

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Sherry said...

Wow, they have grown! :D I love looking at pics to see how they have grown.

Glad you had a grea ttime yesterday. :D