November 19, 2008

Quick update and a adorable picture!!

  1. I still can't seem to stop laughing at this picture..want to take a wild guess why? lol But they are dresses all up and look so nice...brooklynn and her 'fluffy girley' dress..hehe.. just adore it..!! Can't wait to go back and get her some more!! Gavin's such a big boy in his 'manly suit'....Ya know..he is '5' now... :D ANOther quick picture..... I have been sick with a head cold...thought I Just might be getting better, but today i Just feel so horrible and blah...I Mean blah....I had hives something terrible for almost a week, due to my body bringing on a sickness...but i'm hive free..and man it's just so much better when i don't have them!! It is 70 degrees here today so I managed to go outside with the kids and play with them, b/c it's going to be getting mighty cold here tomorrow...and we've been doing the fireplace at night ...ahhhhh the warmth of that , how I do love it! THANKSGIVING is next week girls!! CRazy huh? I"m excited we get to leave on wednesday after noah's work and go to his mother's for Turkey day! Am ready to jsut get away for a day or so..ya know what i mean? plus all that yummy food..oh I can smell it now!! hehe I Have started my babysitting job...into 2 wks already! So far it's going great, he's 2.5 months so you know what he does alot of right and sleep!!! What a blessing it has been already though, getting to stay home and help out on the bills at the same time! God knew excatly what I needed! Gavin' s still doing such a great job at school! They do so much there and learning is just awesome!! Am very thankful for that all going so far anyways :) Brooklynn....well she's just my brooklynn..that girl suprises me everyday with something new she does or says..she does say 'beautiful' now...the way she says it just melts mommy's heart too....sigh...she's my baby girl.... HOWEVER............. let me just let you in on a FEW things this girl does...... *Have you ever seen a t.v. remote swimming in applesauce?? Oh yes...that's right...she did it... *I told her no to eating yougurt the other day....BECAUSE she had just ate one like a hour before...and gavin comes in and says ' momma did you say brooklynn could eat more yougurt?' .... i said nope sure didn't..and there she was...alying under the coffee table..on her stomach eating it...! what a sight that was..b/c it had managed to get up in her hair at the same time.... *What about this one...classic... SHe wanted to play with some playdoh...not a probably..she had played with it before, and yes she had tried eating some, decieded that she didn't care for it, so out it came...BUT....she came in and was carrying some and I said go put that back on the table...and she turned and had a HUGE lump of it ..... IN HER BEAUTIFUL BLONDE HAIR!! At first I freaked for like 3 seconds..b/c I THought man her hair is gonna have to be took 2 yrs to get this long!! BUt then i started laughing and thought ok...need to do something and something soon...I got online and somebody had suggested just a warm bath...and in she her hair wet... and soapy...and you know what....OUT IT CAME Just like it was nothing...!!!! SO YAY for that..!! Next month noah's sister is getting married and my kids are in it..gavin's the ringbearer and brooklynn is a flowergirl along with another one. WE found her dress last week and it's cute and fluffy!! Just am trying to get gavin measured for his lil tux..he's gonna be so handsome.. He has this thing where he wants to wear his sunglasses while he walks down and of course his aunt becca said he sure could..LOL..funny huh? Ok ...thoguht I'd post something it had been awhile and I don't know when's the next time I might be able to sit and do this!! hehe ~ Have a great week~~

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Brittany said...

Cute pics! Can't wait to see wedding pics of the kids!! The sunglasses will be funny...but maybe kinda cute. :smile: My ringbearer ran to his Mom and gave a big hug and then went on up front. :grin: Love, Britt