September 25, 2008

Kitty-cat's :]

~ I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture I captured on of her and her kitty! Isn't it darling?? She rocks that lil kitty, and sings to him, takes him on stroller rides..hehe.. and just is sooo sweet to watch her with him! Good thing he's such a laid back cat!! -Mr. Gavin and his patches! His cat kinda bounces off the walls more then brooklynns right now! ~ Well here's another picture of them and their "kids"...hehe. Yes as you can see.. I wrote the kittens names under each of them...and no I didn't spell Brooklynns wrong either! haha When we was asking the kids what they wanted to name their kitty's , Gavin right off was "patches"...I said that's good one...And brooklynn, you could see her mind just racing think'n of what she wanted to name her's and then shes says twice "Poopy, poopy"....! lol I looked at Noah in the car and said what?? So that is waht she calls her kitty...yes hollars around the house for her and such. I call him pumpkin :) So we shall see... So there's the story Mrs. Sherry :) hehe Hey it's FRIDAY TOMORROW!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!


Sherry said...

Thank you for sharing it!! :D The pics of the kids with the kitties are adorable!!

Amber said...

Thanks! They are really good kittys and are very...GENTLE!