September 25, 2008

I've been tagged!

I was tagged by Ms Jessica........6 Random things about myself huh..... Well i've been thinking of different things all day long and these are what I've come up with! 1.- I played the piano at a nursing home for almost 6 years. Loved it :) 2.- I'm TERRIFIED of spiders!? I go through "Raid" very quickly, spray all the time around the house. 3.- I would love to be a business woman one day.. 4.- I play the violin...well try anyways. I was taught the basic notes and I play by ear the rest. 5.- I wish I had a desire to cook and bake more then I do now! 6.- Lastly... I LOVE LOVE to drive through B-I-G water puddles when it rains!! My kids love it too :) Thanks for tagging me :)

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