August 26, 2008

and more lovely ones..

Man remember this one Jessica? lol..haha funny funny... We was sending her off at the airport.. all of by family was so little hehe now THIS is a good story! haha Remember this one? We all tried catching a crawfish..and finally got one.... (in the cup jessica is holding)now what we did with it...some will never know! lol...hehehe... Fun fun times.. :) I'm glad i found these!


Sherry said...

Hmmm, I wonder! I see some of y'all are kinda wet.

Britt said...

Haha!! I remember that yellow Mustang...Jess showed us all the car she got to play in...haha!!! She had a pic of her in it she carried in her Bible as a bookmark. :-D

Amber said...

that is funny britt! We had a good time back then, And i miss being a "jr camper" guess we all have to grow up sometime huh?

Sherry...Yes... I was the "good girl" hehe.. taking pictures! :P
Have a great weekend!