August 30, 2008

Alot Can Change in a year....

~ This is our Zoo trip , just last year.... can ya beleive how bald this lil cutie used to be? ~ And just a year later.. look at her! Our Zoo trip from just a week ago :)She's such a big girl now! and piggy tails too! I just love this picture, and have a TON of them to post on here. ~ Again, look at little gavin on the horse :) Isn't it a-mazing how kiddos change?? He's my sweetie-snuggle bug :) Couldn't help but throw this one in real fast in this post! Miss Kaytee Jo styl'n in her shades at the Zoo.... her 1st Zoo Trip. We All got to go with our mom last weekend. And what a crew it was. IT was Me, Noah and the kids, Andrew, Glenda, Kaytee, THen Andrea & Justin, Kristy and Timothy! We had such a blast there :) It was recycle day, so we got in free with a old phone book, can't beat that right??

We are going to the lake for the weekend!! All of us of course! It's gona be alot of fun and I'm sure I'll have abillon pictures then too...Still have a ton from the zoo i'll just HAVE to share!

Until later.........................Later my friends!

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