July 22, 2008


oh how much fun they had in the pool together . They always do!! Ok, now have any of you ever seen this sign....IN A POOL AREA?? I was just amazed by it. So of course I took a picture! Well that is all. I kinda messed up posting them (backwards) so start from the bottom up! haha. I am really really drained from the drive and all. It took us 16 hours there, due to rain and slow ppl, have i mentioned that ppl up there drive SOOOOO slow! :9 Back home we left sat. morning and drove straight through and it was almost 14 hrs. which did i mention the kids WAS WONDERFUL!!!???!! If you don't have a portable DVD player get one!!! THat was a lifesaver..especially with brooklynn. But I am very blessed :) a 2 and 4 yrs old doing that good!! Ok gotta run!

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Sherry said...

Glad you had a great trip there and back and had some fun! :D