July 22, 2008

Monday & Tuesday

I was just amazed by the mountains around there! Coming from kansas WHO wouldn't be! haha Just driving down main street was so pretty. This was our view stepping right out our door from the motel. I loved seeing the clouds like this. yes...SWIMMING!!! Our motel had a lovely pool and doesn't the water looks so cool?? I just wanna jump in right now! Speaking of the weather, it was great there. No rain but on that monday, and it wasn't horribly hot or humid. THey both love to jump pff the diving board with their floaty's on. Of course we're right there with them! :) I just love this picture!! hehe Although she must about picked off of the flowers !

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Sherry said...

I love the mountains! It is amazing to see the difference of beauty in the places around the country from the desert, plains, mountains, beach, etc. Yes, even Kansas is pretty. :D Brooklyn is so cute when she cheeses for the camera. LOL!