May 08, 2008

A lovely Evening...

I just love the color of this photo. We had a lovely walk , to our pond, tuesday nite. We went and ate chinese (yum) and then came home and went walking. btw, gavin was trying to get his sissy to push him! ha Brooklynn loves to mess with her stroller... in and out, in and out. Doing what they BOTH love to do. F-I-S-H! I just love how the sun was shining right on him.

Other news: I'm looking forward to tmorrow nite. We're having "Ladies and little Ladies Banquet" So me, brooklynn ,Noah's mom and My mom will be going to that! im' really excited about it.

Hope you all have a great Mother's day also!


Jessica said...

Love the pictures. The top one is my favorite. Happy belated Mother's Day to you!!!

Jessica said...

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