May 21, 2008

late mother's day pictures..

~ well hello to all! I have had a great week so that is why I haven't been on here much. I really take advantage of those good days anymore. I've bought some "noni juice"....heard alot of good things about I'm gonna give that a shot. Pray it works..i'm at my witt's ends girls!!
Anyways... we had a lovely "Ladies & lil ladies " banquet. IT was very nice and catered...with LOTS of friut. YUM
Anywho... gavin took this last picture.. (my head is cut off) hehe...and just look how tall brooklynn is for herlittle dress!?! It's a 2T and it's above her knees...guess she won't be wearin that anymore.haha
I'll post more pics later.....
until then.....................

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Jessica said...

Cute mother's day pics! Where is Gavin? I don't think I even got pics of us on Mother's day this year. haha. Oops. I enjoyed your above photos too. Our computer is bogged down right now. Not sure what the deal is. I'm going tomorrow to buy some CD's to back up my picture files just in case it's about to crash. Wanted to stop by and say hello!