May 05, 2008


I just LOVE this picture! hehe She is our official "dandilion"(iknow i didn't spell that right) picker! She goes around and picks them ALL in the yard :) This picture is for Brittany! :] these are the flowers we planted like 3 wks ago .. when you had planted your MANY MANY flowers! hehe
And here's close up of them, and our little lady bug decoration. I noticed that all our rose bushes are getting ready to bloom! i can't wait, b/c that means i can cut em and bring them in the house! yAy! :)
-Also, i started getting my shots today for my hives. I go tomorrow to get another one to start it in my system. It stings alot but I'm going to try them for awhile, b/c all the other med's have really bad side effects (with the kidneys and eyes) and I told him, no thank you I don't want anymore problems then i already have!!!!
Until next time...............................................


Jessica said...

Pretty pretty flowers. Well Ty and Brooklynn are right around the same age and he's our official dandelion picker too. Her face is too cute in that pic.

Amber said...

Well thank you!
Yes, hard to imagine they will both be turning 2 so soon! :(
She loves to have her picture taken, and loves to ham it up for the camera too! Its alot of fun!