April 28, 2008

It's been a LONG time .....

I just love having these pictures (while they still like touching each other) although im' not sure what gavin had in his mouth, just noticed that! thanks to nana for brooklynn's "dora &boots" dress! Our family picture 4.27.08 Gavin wanted to be 'cool' and stand on there ,so i said sure why not! hehe.. but really, what have i started! *scared face*
---Thanks to Aunt janie for sending me 3 boxes FULL of darling clothes and shoes for lil miss brooklynn! I can't wait to go on vacation down there, it'll be soooooOOooooo much fun.
Anyways, this is ONE of the MANY dresses she recieved. This pictures get's me b/c shes' all sweet and i couldn't ever hurt anybody.................. but wow she's a handful!
ok, so that past week, We came down with that 24 hour (deadly) flu bug. Monday i had some hives and just felt really sick , it was weird but once i threw up it was 10 hours straight of nothing else. I really wanted to just crawl under a rock and die! I finally stopped and got to sleep around tuesday 4am and then i hear gavin in his room... you parents know 'that coughing, turing into a throw-up cough' and i was like oh no, you've got to be kidding me
Mind you tuesday we was suppose to go to the Zoo for earth day, b/c everybody got in free. my heart was broken for lil gavin. So Gavin threw up a few times and he was fine come tuesday afternoon. Me....... i was still sick just really raelly bad headache and then I had a flare up of hives. Thus lastest Wed.....into thursday...... To say the least i was really down. My poor momma, had to come over and help me b/c i was so sick and in pain, then she got it. I felt really bad! :( Friday was good we was all better..... and we was all good and then...reality hit me... WOW this house was super bad...a mess and 9 loads of laundry awaited me! *yikes* ))shout of to my hubby for cleaning the kitchen though!((
So I was fine come last friday, i was able to go to church, we was having a missions conf. and then sat. we had an International dinnder, which was such a blessing and just fun!
So today.... its' beautiful outside and we have been OUTSIDE doing anything we can! haha I am going to my specialist this afternoon and pray b/c something has to be done, more then what im' doing now with all my medicines. I'm ready to fight this now! ;)
Well i thought i'd let you all know.... i'm still alive to those who care! lol
~ later Amber ~


Jessica said...

I LOVE the picture of Brooklynn on the top. Yellow is HER color. And her sweet little grin is precious.

He looks like he's enjoying that candy! :) Sorry to hear that guys have been so sick. We have too. Seasonal junk. Yuck!

On The Branch said...

Gald your back! :)

LOVE, Britt

Ginger said...

I care that you are alive!!LOL...I love the pictures so adorable!! I am glad you are feeling better it sounds like that was one yucky flu!!


Amber said...

Jess- thanks, I thought the same thing when i put that dress on her. Hopefully we will all move on and get the sickness out of our homes! ha

Britt.... Yay i'm back ! thanks!!!

Ginger... aww thank you :] Yes i thought i was dying, told my husband just shoot me and roll me over in the ditch! haha Mind you i had hives on top of that too. But thank the Lord i'm doing better now!!
thank you all for the lovely comments!!