March 10, 2008

Results !!

~ Well I'm fianlly getting around to posting what I found out last Thursday at my Allergist. When I went in Thursday, at 10 am, I was covered in Hives....again...and they was just coming on more and more by the moment. So they decieded that I just needed to stay there and Get an IV to calm them down and such. So come nearly 3 hours later, they was mostly gone so they went ahead and let me go home. ~ So, I have Autoimmune Disease and Inflammatory Disease. There is no cure for either one and they don't know what causes it either. It's just where my own immune system tries to fight itself b/c it thinks something is attacking it. (make sense?) And the Inflammatory is just where my muscels swell up really bad. (thats what was causing my body to go sore to the touch) Which there is nothing for that either. ~ So, In a way I'm glad I found out what was wrong, but am kinda sad b/c there is no "special pill" so to speak to just cure it. They can only put me on several medicines to try and balance/build my immune system back up. I am on at least 8 different medicines. So far i've had a good couple of days, but will always have 'flare ups'.... Please pray for me becaues it's alot for me now, I mean mentally, and physically i'm just tired ...all the time. That's what my medicines do to me. I've learned to love each day that i'm good b/c i never know what the next day will be like! This week its suppose to be super great weather, so i'm excited to be out and about ... hopefully!! :) Thanks again for the thought and prayers! Love, Amber :}


Sherry said...

Glad to hear that they were able to figure it out. Sorry there isn't some magic pill though. Praying that the pills will help control it and you will have some relief. Hugs!!

Sharon said...

We'll keep praying for you but glad they at least found out something! I hope you have LOTS of good days!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amber!! Glad you finaly have a peace about what it is! I wish, humanly speaking there was more to do for it, but God will take care of what us little humans can't!! Hope your have a wonderful day today!! Get some rest and take life one minute at a time! If your still tired, try one second at a time!! :) Love ya girl!!! Love, Britt