September 24, 2007

To those of you that care....

My SWEETHEART of a husband brought home these beautiful flowers for me friday, after he came home from work !!! Aren't they just beautiful??
This is our mantel above our fireplace here at our new house. Brooklynn just loves to smell them. hehe Just wanted to share that i have the most wonderful husband in the world!!!
By the way...where is everybody lately? (bloggin) Oh and Rach, It is the same retreat that we'll be going to in October!!! You still gett'n to go ??? LET ME KNOW!!


Rachel said...

I will keep you up to date soon, but still in the midst of "stuff". I will be busy for a while more. Pluse my back went out..yuck!
Anyways cute flowers..any special reason?
The ladies retreat sounds good.


Jessica said...

Pretty flowers. It's always nice to get those.