September 18, 2007

"the frosting picture"

I never have posted this picture, but here it is today! My mom bought this blue cake from the store so gavin thought we had to have a "birthday party" just because we had a cake, so we lite the candles and sang! haha it was funny, but they loved this blue frosting. My sister and I did some crazy stuff with it too! *smile* but do you know it took till the next day to get that off of her?? LOL oh well , kids need ot have fun too ...right? *** I just love this picture of her, and her babydoll. She loves to carry one around often and goes nite-nite with one too. She's a sweetheart and such a momma's girl. (and much easier to take picture's of these days, gavin doesn't like to stand still! )


Terry said...

Dear Amber...This picutre of Gavin reminds me of the picture of Ty when he had one orange carrot face!
I think what Gavin had tasted better than carrots though, eh?...Love Terry

Amber said...

hehe...Actaully terry, these 2 pictures are both of my little girl, Brooklynn!! :) They do look alot alike though i hear!